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Hey guys!

Here are some great resources for you regarding nutrition.


Underground Wellness is a great blog and they have an E-book called the Dark Side of Fat Loss which is amazing! It's not a paleo cookbook. It explains health, wellness, and nutrition from an evolutionary and logical perspective. If you don't want to get an actual book, this is an awesome option. The best part is that each chapter is paired with the book(s) that the author used when writing his book. So you'll be exposed to many other great resources.


I mentioned Primal Body, Primal Mind at the seminar. This is a hard book that is also a great place to start. Again, it's not a paleo book. It covers health and wellness much like the Dark Side of Fat Loss.

I can't recommend these two books highly enough. Remember, you are responsible for what you put in your body. Educate yourselves and make good choices.

For more links and resources check out my blog:

or shoot me an email at otbwellness.gmail.com

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